Olumpus Pen-F in 2022

For some foolish reason I sold my old black Pen-F a year ago and I have missed it ever since.

But a few days ago, I was lucky enough to come across a beautiful Olympus Pen-F in silver with a shutter count of 56! The camera is like brand new and it only took me seconds to buy it and a couple of hours later I took a walk with my new camera and the pancake 12-32 mm zoom that came with it. I do have a lot of the Olympus Pro-lenses, but I was curios to see how this handy little zoom performs. And what a surprise! It weighs next to nothing, performs really well and is just a lot of fun to work with. Pictures are sharp without vignette or any kind of distortion.

Normally I use my OM-1 and all my pro lenses for more serious work, but when I look at some of the pictures, I have made with my Pen-F during the last couple of years I´m still surprised by all the features and high quality. It dosn´t shoot 120 frames per second nor do autofocus like the OM-1 but you calm down and take your time to watch and enjoy the surroundings with the Pen-F in your hands. With a pro zoom like the 12-40 mm it performs really great. Of course, you could do tests showing that a new mirrorless camera from Nikon, Canon or Olympus performs better in many ways but considering price, weight, seize, features and quality from this small, beautiful camera just make me want to carry it all the time knowing it will give me high quality pictures in every shot.

I guess I pick it up for the same reason as I pick up the keys for my old convertible for a nice ride into the countryside during early spring. It´s all a matter of pride and joy.


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