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I used to be a professional Photojournalist for more than 30 years, working for Danish newspapers, magazines, organizations, doing reportage, features, fashion, portraits and much more. Starting with 35 mm film and Canon, later the first digital Canon cameras, medium format, color darkroom and everything else in the business.

8 years ago, I sold all my equipment being sure that I had done enough of photography in my life. I retired 3 years later from another job and slowly I began thinking about having fun with a camera again. I didn´t want to go back to huge and heavy DSLR´s and during my research, I stumbled over micro four third which I have now enjoyed for 5 years. Rather quickly I got very impressed with Olympus, their pro lenses and all the creative functions in the menu. I ended up with the Pen-F, the E-M1 ii and iii and E-M1X, the 300 mm/f4.0, 8-25 mm, 12-40 mm, 12-100 mm, 60 mm macro and all kind of filters, flashes, microphones, tripods, gimbal head and much more. And lately the great OM-1 camera and the 100-400 mm zoom.

To be honest I have never enjoyed photography as much as I do now using all the high quality gear from Olympus and OM System. A funny thing is that I keep finding articles and videos telling me that the MFT sensor is too small and too noisy and lacking depth of color, bokeh and a lot of other things. Still, I keep wondering why I get pictures in a quality at least as good as with my old full frame equipment from Canon and Sony.

You can do all kinds of tests showing that more pixels are better than fewer pixels and bigger sensors are better than small sensors as well as you can do a test showing that a Ferrari is faster than almost any other car. I have been testing Ferraris on Monza racetrack – and year!! That was fun – and fast, but to be honest I like my old Suzuki better as it does a better job in my everyday life. No one really needs a Ferrari as well as most photographers don´t need full frame sensors with tons of MP to get the job done – except from some special jobs of course. Please note that I don´t say that everyone should use MFT! As a skilled photographer I´m just saying that this handy high-quality format does a great job in almost any situation.

For the fun of it I found a few old examples from my professional career and asked myself: “could I have done this or any other job as good or better with my Olympus gear?”. Yes of course! All my jobs could have been done with my MFT-gear. Now adays I don´t get payed for doing pictures for anyone but I really can´t think about a situation wishing I had a full frame camera. In some of my other videos I have mentioned my six months experience with Sony A9 and A7R4. They are great cameras but, in many ways, I often wished I had my Olympus gear instead. As many of you know Olympus is lighter, easier to carry on long walks and tours and with excellent pro lenses for any purpose. And by the way: the smaller lenses don´t get blown away when your´re photographing birds handheld on a windy day the same way as a huge 600 mm f/4.0 full frame lens.

What matters when you´re doing photography is that you are having fun with your gear, and you are happy with your results. MFT, full frame, medium format, pin hole cameras or what ever you´re using. For my part as an old professional photographer, I know that there are so many great formats and brands out there, but the discussion about small sensors versus big sensors is closed for my part. To sum it up the true joy of working with MFT, Olympus and OM System comes from the results I´m getting. The high quality of the cameras and lenses, the extreme autofocus, low ISO in the OM-1, pro capture and all the other great functions totally fulfills my dreams about a system for any kind of job I may come across 😊


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