Bird photography

Bird photography is possibly one of the most difficult disciplines in nature photography. But once you have been bitten by a mad bird, an absolutely wonderful world of experiences opens up.

In Denmark there are about 400 bird species and if you just want to know just a fraction of them, it is necessary to know the places they live, what they eat, when they are active, etc., etc.

This means that you become aware of many small details in nature that you may not have previously noticed.

And it helps to increase the joy of both nature and photography.

I now have many thousands of pictures of beautiful birds, and have tried to show a small sample.

I try to disturb as little as possible when I move around with cameras and binoculars.

No matter how many pictures I have taken of a single species, it is always exciting and watching them and trying to make new and different pictures of the beautiful animals.

Click here to se a gallery of my birds: Fuglene |


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