Creativity takes courage

Why does creativity take courage?

Yes, creativity requires courage. Courage makes your art reality. As the French artist Henri Matisse says, “another word for creativity is courage.” It takes courage to express the things you are passionate about and to transcend the limits of your comfort zone or the limits of your irrational fears.
Having the courage to make tough choices and take a step towards potential failure or rejection is key for an artist. Courage isn’t the same as being fearless – it’s being able to move forward in spite of your fear, worry or self-doubt, and being able to do that again and again.
Trying to break old habbits from more than 30 years as a photojournalist is not easy. Moving from traditional press photography (which I know pretty well) to a more artistic field takes a lot of trial and error. Up till now I have spent 4 years to try to devolp new skills and new expressions, and I´m working at it on a daily basis.
Creativity and courage are intimately connected in a synergic relationship: creativity feeds your courage and your courage brings your creativity to life.  Courage takes your dreams from wish and fantasy and transforms them into reality.  Courage makes your art reality.

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