Drones in photography

One of the most powerful ways to make interesting photographs is to show something in a way it’s never been seen before. Simply getting one’s camera to a non-standard vantage point is bound to make a good picture because the photographer can show us something with which we’re familiar in an entirely new way. It’s a recipe for photographic success that’s as old as the medium itself. 

With these thoughts in mind, consider the photographic revolution that’s right at our fingertips. With the ubiquitous and increasingly affordable opportunities to purchase remote-controlled aerial vehicles—known to most of us as drones—equipped with high-quality lenses and digital imaging sensors, it’s never been easier to see and photograph the world in a whole new way.

As anyone who has ever flown a drone knows, seeing the earth from above is inherently interesting. So if you like photographing landscapes, consider harnessing this technology to make landscape photographs from the air. 

I´m a skilled and registered drone pilot in Category A2 in Open Category.


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